Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Stopped Snowing

Three 40-pound bags of birdseed are in the trunk of the car in the garage, but no way of getting them through all that snow out to the feeder.  I waited just a couple of hours too long.  So I decided to see what was in the dry-cereal/crackers cupboard above the stove, which I haven’t touched since Norm died.  (There’s another blog post in that, but anyhow --)

It was an interesting collection, way back to the corn flakes Norm liked, then all the politically correct stuff the kids bought while he was in the hospital and since then, organic, gluten-free, don't ask -- plus one Frosted Flakes that some grandchild must have sneaked in when nobody was looking.  Every bit of it past expiration date.
So I mashed it all up in a blender, went out in the storm ALL BY MYSELF and filled the tube feeder.  Not sure the birds are crazy about it – there’s still a lot left this morning when the SUN IS SHINING.  But that’s their problem.   





  1. I would have eaten those frosted flakes bobe! And be careful in the storm!

  2. Look at it this way: The deer will love the cereal. Provided you didn't mix it with hot sauce first, of course.