Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Niece tells me that chopping expired cereals into bird food is an good example of upcycling.  New words for new worlds, I guess.

You take the word interactive.  I’m pretty sure I was grown-up before I first heard that term.  Maybe it had something to do with a kids’ tv show -- you sent for a plastic sheet to stick  on your tv screen, and then maybe there were crayons involved,  perhaps to achieve a primitive form of color tv?  An early first attempt at interactivity?  Does that ring a bell with anyone?

When I learned what upcycling is, I realized a new word isn’t really needed at all.  In the real estate world the process has been known for some time as adaptive re-use.  If you've ever seen Union Station in Washington D.C., it's a fine example.
What I did the other day was simply effect the adaptive re-use of organic gluten-free yuppie corn flakes.  



  1. I remember the plastic sheet you put on the television. It was for a show called "Winky Dink." Among other things,you might be asked to draw a door,for example, to help him escape from various situations.


    1. My son-in-law read your comment and he says that you could draw a bridge for Winky Dink to escape, and then erase the bridge before the bad guy could reach it.

  2. I believe you could get a special optical zap gun to aid Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future in their powerful futuroid activities.

  3. It was "Winky Dink and You," and yes, the first example of interactivity. It made my mother nervous, because you had to sit too close to the screen and she thought we'd get irradiated or something. And she worried about encouraging us to write on furniture/appliances.....