Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pigeons to the Flag

Pledge of Allegiance reports are in from granddaughters in Vancouver.  They did not pledge to the Canadian Flag in school.   One does not know the U. S. Pledge, the other does only “...because it's in a Ramona Quimby book, where she mistakes the first line for 'I lead the pigeons to the flag'."
And this from people who have been registered from birth as dual citizens, entitled to carry two passports!  Depending on the provisions of the new Immigration Bill, I can see them flunking a quiz at the border some day.

Years ago I attended a conference in San Diego and at the start of the Saturday night banquet, we stood to pledge allegiance to The Flag – after which we turned toward the other end of the head table and pledged allegiance to the Flag of Texas.
  And a lot of people in that room knew it.  I wonder if that’s the only state with its own Pledge?


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