Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anyhow, I'm Fine

What can I tell you?  I'm not really all that motivated to post something lively today.  Part of the willow tree just fell down on the house.  I was sitting here at my desk --

and here's what the back yard looks like right now.


  1. Oh, gosh, Edith, I'm so sorry. Great big mess, roof damage, your bird-feeding area messed up, etc. Thank goodness you weren't hurt, though.

  2. As Dad always said would happen someday!

  3. Glad you're okay, bet that kicked all your senses into high gear!

    Was there a storm or sudden gust? Or did it just suddenly decide to assault your house?


  4. Oh my!..lucky none of the windows were broken and that you weren't hurt. That will be expensive to fix.
    I have a couple of large trees that are too close to the house. I worry about them falling one day.