Sunday, April 28, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

   In the current New Yorker, an article on Depression journalism (as contrasted with reporting on today's problems) mentions that toilet paper is in short supply in Detroit schools right now. 
   That brings back memory of the dank girls’ bathroom in the basement of my grade school in the Boston suburb of Malden.  This would have been somewhere around 1933, at the height – okay, the depth – of the Depression.
   A monitor stood in the gloom at the door, and as you entered, you reported whether you anticipated making number one or number two. You were accordingly handed either one or two sheets of toilet paper. 
       I think I’ll send the NYorker a Letter to the Editor about this. Let's see if they use it.

   p. s. I am unable to find an appropriate illustration for this one.


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  1. found plenty of images of toilet paper, but then it occurred to me that maybe toilet paper then, and toilet paper now, do not look alike?