Monday, April 22, 2013

Yet Another Can't-Remember Moment

I've been looking out at this back yard for 59 years, never before saw this creature which --as we speak -- is snuffling along a downed limb of the willow tree right in front of my office window (what little I can see out through the wreckage at the moment.)  I'm sure it's not a dog or a cat.  Long hairless tail.  Considering how small and fluffy it is, it's surprisingly un-appealing.  Looks sort of like a ghost.  I have the impression the name begins with "o"?



  1. That's an opossum, Edith. Sometimes "possum." They are nasty creatures, mostly nocturnal, with 52 razor-sharp teeth. They'll do whatever they can to stay away from you, though.


  2. Must have been attracted to insects in the remains of the Willow tree. North America's only marsupial mammal, not closely related to true Australal-asian possums. NO usually seen by day, and unfortunatly, usually seen as road kill. But not this one: it will feast on carpenter ants!