Friday, April 26, 2013

Radio Update

Said I’d let you know -- was I able to understand all the callers on our PBS station during Tuesday’s noon-hour phone-in?
all but one, and you never would have noticed.  As it happens, niece Amy went to the station with me, so she put on headphones, took notes, and shoved the paper across the desk in time so I could give a smooth answer – “Sure, if you keep your present house and rent it out, you can still get another mortgage loan on the new home you buy.  They’ll count your current payment against you when they figure your debts.  But the good news is they’ll give you income credit for the rent you can expect to collect.”
So the caller was happy, I was happy, and all was sweetness and light.  And I was invited to come back next month.
Full disclosure, I sure do love to talk.



  1. so tell us something we dont know....!

  2. I want to come along next time, please!

  3. Glad this door is still open! Mazel tov.

  4. I'm so glad that having Amy come along as your "second pair of ears" worked out so well. Three hearty huzzahs for you both!