Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fourth Dimension

6 pm. Hot muggy evening.  Sitting at my desk, window open, lily of the valley fragrant, cardinals calling loudly.  Flash back to a morning in May just after we built this house, wakened early by bird calls, Norm and the kids sleeping, decided to go out and see what was making the noise.

Back yard in 1955
Put on my housecoat, out back across the barren sun-baked yard to the trees over by Westland, found a bright red bird. No idea what it was called.  And then Dottie came out from next door – wakened by the bird calls, her husband and kids asleep, she was coming out in her housecoat to see what it was.  Beginning of birding for both of us.
 I sit here this evening looking at the same spot of earth -- her kids and my kids far away, all the others gone, my eyes are the only link to that morning in May.  For the first time ever I understand Time as the fourth dimension.

Back yard this evening.

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