Friday, May 10, 2013

Orange Formica

        Neighbor recently died.  His kids came in from out of town and  I went over to pay my respects.  Walking in, I was transported back to the day in 1954 when we moved into this brand-new suburban development.  Time has stood still over there.  That house is still in original condition -- authentic Midcentury Modern (a term I’ve only recently learned).  It still has the orange boomerang formica counters, pegboard cupboard doors and brightly colored shag carpets throughout, except where it's black asphalt floor tile.
         Someone will buy that house and rehab it.  Too bad -- it belongs in a museum.
A few days later, the bereaved son recruited some old friends and brought in a dumpster.  I watched them all day, carrying stuff out -- and dumping it.  This gave me chills.  I’ve emailed my family:
           “Kids -- TELL ME WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED from this house.  Otherwise – watch out!  I just may put it up on eBay.”

I couldn’t find a picture of orange formica, so you’ll have make do with pink.  Pink was big in the 50’s anyhow – that house still has the original pink shower, bathtub and two toilets. 


  1. A neighbor couple here is practicing "tough love": Every time one of the three grown kids comes to visit, Mom and Dad make the visitor take away a carload of stuff. Serial carloads now are probably preferable to a giant dumpster later.

  2. Oh how I wish I could have those orange boomerang counter tops!