Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Drink of Astronauts!!

     Just came across a sentence in a new novel:  “They toasted their new-formed club with vodka and Tang cocktails…”
     And here I thought my sons were the only ones.
     I remember the evening back in the 1960s, not sure just where in the house I was dozing, overheard them out in the family room when their friend John came in and said “I brought some vodka, I  took it out of my father’s cabinet.  What should we do with it?”
     I heard our older boy say "I think you drink it with orange juice.” 
     “We don't have any," said the younger one, “but" -- helpfully -- "we do have Tang.”
     I didn't bother interfering, just went back to sleep.  Figured with any luck vodka and Tang cocktails might put them off alcohol for life. 
Some of  you won’t know about Tang, and you haven't missed much. It was (still is?) a powdered substance that reconstituted into an orange juice substitute.  The big deal was that John Glenn took it into space.   You can watch an Astronaut Breakfast in this commercial –             


  1. On our recent trip to Ecuador, Tang and Rum was a drink of choice aboard our Galapagos ship. It is still available....

  2. My father the helpful man!