Friday, July 12, 2013

Ebay Entertainment

               A hobby that doesn’t involve walking around is just right for an old lady who's trying to place her books in loving homes.  So for some books I'll never read again here's what I do -- take a look:
These Ebay ventures help make life interesting, and sometimes they lead to emailing with bibliophiles.  When I decided to see who’d be interested in Katherine Mansfield’s copy of Pride and Prejudice, it was bought not by an Austen fan, but by a guy who emailed me that he specializes in Mansfield, and he recognized my photo of her flyleaf signature as authentic.  I heard from someone who was searching for just the third Mercy Warren volume no one in my family wanted.  I even found someone who collects – wait for it – Calvin Coolidge.
               I started with Ebay years ago when I was even less computer wise than I am now, so I’m in a position to assure you that it is VERY USER-FRIENDLY.  Go ahead -- if I did it, you can.  You'll have fun.
               And next time, if you’re good little children, I’ll tell you the  Ebay story of the saxophone and the one about the Crown Royal.

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