Monday, July 8, 2013

Laughing Out Loud

Just took another look at yesterday's youtube clip, wondering how many of the hundred people who viewed it in the last 24 hours did so because of this site, and for the first time started reading the comments.
It's impressive how many claim it's the most romantic (some say "erotic") moment ever in the history of cinema -- "I still cry every time I watch that film" --  how many mention Max Steiner's music, what a lot of praise there is for the rest of the movie (I didn't realize you can watch the whole of it on youtube) -- and at least  one fan who went and found the book. 
One woman writes that she was 12 years old when she first realized the symbolic meaning of that transferred cigarette gesture (oh dear, even at 87 I've never put quite that interpretation on it) -- and then I found myself laughing out loud, all alone here, when I came upon one of the rare criticisms.  Tina is Henreid's young daughter, who will be brought up by wealthy Charlotte because his unpleasant wife doesn't really like the child ...and here's the comment that set me off :

This is dreadful! Poor little Tina needs to be removed from that house before all that second-hand smoke kills her!


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