Friday, December 6, 2013

Days of Infamy

Years ago, when a movie about the Alamo came on TV, my husband the Canadian said we didn’t need to watch it.  “I know,” he said. “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!  Big U. S. victory, right?”

“No,” said I.  “Big U. S. defeat.  Everybody died.” 

So why DOES this country memorialize defeats?  Come on, can you think of any day of the year that celebrates a big victory?  Any inspirational slogan?
All I really know about the Spanish American War is  “REMEMBER THE MAINE!”  Wasn’t that a ship that sank?
And within my lifetime, a disaster that has not only a slogan but a day named after it – and a song.  I still remember all the words, but you probably don’t, so here it is:

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  1. Good points about the lack of actual victory celebrations, unless we count Nov. 11 as Armistice Day--and even that has now morphed into Veterans Day. Re: the Spanish-American War, Meg and I are both TR fans and would celebrate a San Juan Hill Day if there were one.