Saturday, December 14, 2013

Macy's Service

Internet shopping was invented for my old age. Instead of limping painfully around the malls, I sit here eating lunch at the desk, while the computer searches the markets of the world for just what I want.  But I could use some new sheets, and the other day when Macy’s newspaper ad offered door-buster bargains (only until 1 p. m.) –
You just can’t buy sheets without feeling the fabric first.  So off I went to Southtown Mall for the first time in ages.  A good omen: there was what my kids call the Babe Spot, the handicap parking slot right next to the main entrance, vacant and just waiting for me.
Then up the escalator – household goods in these stores are always on the second floor, past the children’s wear.  Found just the right sheets, one set for the king size I still use, one for the guest room  queen.  Women waiting at the cashier’s counter took one look at me and stepped aside.  I don’t think it was just the cane.  I do need a haircut, and in the dry indoor air -- Fright Wig is the term that comes to mind.  So the witch gratefully hobbled to the head of the line, and yes -- I got the exciting doorbuster prices!
Off to the down escalator, and there I was amazed to find myself stopped short, downright scared.  The bags weren’t that heavy – when I got home I actually weighed them, about five pounds each. 
Pete’s sake – before that pre-diabetes scare a few years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier  and never had any problem with an escalator.  Maybe it was managing the cane.  At any rate, I finally planned how to step on,  and then spent  the next ten seconds worrying about to get off. 
But none of this is what I started out to tell you.  As I stepped off the escalator, a tall man in a dark suit suddenly appeared and said “Can I carry those for you?”   And as he was wearing some sort of a badge, I surrendered  my two bags.  He took them all the way out to my car --and it was way below freezing out there.  So what I want to know is, does Macy’s have a  drive to fight Internet shopping with all sorts of new personal service?  Or have they always sent the Floor Manager (which it turned out he was) to rescue Lttle Old Ladies, and I just never looked Little Old enough to run into it before?  


  1. How lovely for you..a real gentleman. Special treatment for a special lady.

  2. Somewhere up in Hollywood Heaven, the actor Edmund Gwenn--the Santa Claus of Miracle on 34th Street, and therefore the patron saint of Macy's--is smiling. (The fact that Gwenn also played Mr. Bennet in the 1940 Pride and Prejudice is, of course, purely coincidental.)