Monday, December 2, 2013

Stay Tuned

 This isn't a post, it's just an apology for no post.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend we ended up with people sleeping in the office, on the livingroom couch...and now everyone's gone.  I bade farewell to each departure with "Did you remember to take your toothbrush?  your chargers?" -- those being the items most often left behind.  So far, though,  all that's turned up is a pair of jeans, a shopping bag called an Envirosac, and -- at first I thought that was a pacifier, but -- maybe it's a bicycle bell?
So I'm afraid this morning is devoted to laundry, and clearly this is going to be a good day for re-arranging the linen closet.  But don't touch that dial!  As they say on TV just before giving us five minutes of commercials -- we'll be right back.  With some fascinating posts.  Just not today.

1 comment:

  1. My mother (the other Georgina) used to bid departing relations farewell with a cheery "If you left anything behind, I'll just hock it." (She never actually took anything to a pawn shop that I know of, but she was certainly well stocked with the usual forgotten items.)