Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Refrigerator Posting

With one of my own kids about to become a grandparent, it does seem a little late to start bragging about stuff they brought home from primary school, but I just have to show you.   Found this in a bottom drawer I'm cleaning out, couldn't think why I'd bothered to save this bird report -- then I read the p.s.


  1. this is dov writing, no? in the papers and things you sent me, there is my kindergarten report card. it takes only a dozen words before the teacher uses the word "dominant". sigh. we dont change at all, do we, from when we were 5 years old.... or older, in dov's case, already knowing about broods and eggs....

    1. Handwriting, even at that early age, too good for either of the boys so I'd guess it was you.

  2. Wonderful!! I'm fondly reminded of a similar report by my oldest sister, then aged 8: "We walked to the corner we heard something go peck peck peck we looked up we saw nothing we heard peck peck peck again still nothing at last we saw him he was a woodpecker."

    And may I respectfully ask how many birds you have washed in your long and distinguished ornithological career?

    P.S.: A Cooper's hawk was here this morning at the height of the snowfall (it's tapering off here now). I guess my bird feeders looked like a 7-11 to him (or, more likely, her; it was a big one).