Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Quite Alzheimers

An unexpected development as I grow older – it's surprising how little meat seems like enough. Yesterday I realized I haven’t had a steak in a couple of years.  And of course cooking for one requires new techniques.  So I went out and bought a steak, a lamb tenderloin, and a package of drumsticks. 
Came home and cut up minimal portions -- two or three ounces of meat, sealed in a sandwich bag, ready for the freezer. Feeling pretty efficient, I decided the drumsticks could be cooked before freezing, even more efficient.  Floated a sheet of foil over them, stuck them in a 350 oven.

Fast forward to 4 a. m., when I woke with a start and heard a voice – it must have been my own – saying “drumsticks!”  Out to the kitchen, turned off the oven.
Mummified, that’s mostly what they look like.  Might as well throw out the pan too. 

But I tell you -- the house does smell wonderful.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, I did something similar with a batch of split pea soup two nights ago--and I'm the same age as your children. I fell asleep in my recliner at 7 pm after putting the soup on (and after another grueling day on the current insane editing project), and woke with a snort to the smell of soup burning to the bottom of the pot. Fortunately, hubby realized what was going on a few minutes before I did, and yanked it off the stove.

    And don't give up on the pan, either. We soaked the soup pot overnight with dish liquid and a good squirt of ammonia, and it came out OK. (Good thing, too; I'd have hated to throw out what is now "vintage" Revere Ware!)