Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brushes with Celebrity

     Someone on my Facebook page posted an item that elicited "Like" votes from 148 people last week.  How come I don't have 148 friends? 
     Of course by now most of my friends are dead, some so long ago they never had a chance to friend anyone on Facebook anyhow.  And I decline most Friend offers -- don't have the patience for  reading about what strangers have for breakfast every day -- though I do enjoy email each morning with an account of what Samuel Pepys did on that day back in 1661.
PYA, Class of '43
     I never did have many friends even out in the normal world, maybe because we moved around a lot, doubling up with relatives during The Great Depression.  By the time I graduated from Penn Yan Academy (old-fashioned name for a public high school but doesn't it sound classy?) I'd attended eight different schools. 

     So it was a real lift to run in to people I knew in the last two issues of the New Yorker.  Spending most of my time in bed watching old movies, or sitting at a desk overlooking a suburban back yard of Rochester New York, doesn't throw me into sophisticated circles.  Every issue of that magazine has cartoons with inside references that just baffle me -- I suspect that if I lived in Manhattan I'd get the jokes.
   But reading last week's article on vegetarianism, I knew I'd run into cousin Mollie Katzen sooner or later, and yup, there she was.  Gave me a lift.  And just now, who turns up in the latest issue but Mark Mapstone, the doctor running one of the Alzheimers studies I've been volunteering for!
     So I'm feeling pretty cosmopolitan this morning. 
     You'll excuse me if I can't seem to find a good illustration for Alzheimers.

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  1. Miscellaneous comments:

    1. I think we can all agree that there is no good illustration for Alzheimer's. (And trust me: You don't have it.)

    2. I see you found the original Eustace Tilley New Yorker cover. Notice that the newsstand cover price in 1925 was 15 cents. It's now 6.99.

    3. I think you told me once that you have a version of the Moosewood Cookbook (courtesy of cousin Mollie) that predates even the original publication? If so, for gosh sakes hang on to that one.

    4. The first Cornell hawk egg is pipping!!!