Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Time for Mothers Day

 You may remember I suggested as a welcome – and inexpensive -- gift for your Grandmother the purple cane that elicited comments almost every time I took it out.  Since then I’ve added yet another cane to the collection, and this one does garner a lot of admiration from a lot of people (doctor’s receptionist, kid at the checkout counter, librarian) who are looking for a bit of easy small talk with the old lady. 

       It’s real bamboo, lightweight, handle curved enough so that it’s easy to prop it or hook it up.  And an appealing shy shade of green.
     In case someone really does take this as a gift idea, I’ll – yes, I know it's being commercial  – give you the link for the web site:  www.fashionablecanes.com.  They’ll cut this to size free if you send them Grandmother’s floor-to-wrist measurement.  I suppose, though, that if it’s to be a surprise, you’d have stand next to her in some sneaky fashion, noting where her wrist comes in relation to your own arm. 

2nd from the right 
    This blog is supposed to be for octogenarians, of course, but I’m finding there aren’t that many old folks reading blogs – most of the responses come from what I regard as kids.  You’re all kids to me.  But if someone who uses a cane – or should do so – is reading this:  trust me, there’s a real lift in trying out different ones and matching them to your outfit.
Having just typed that, I looked at the word “outfit” and can’t believe it’s really a word.  Weird word.  Out. Fit.  Could I have just made it up?  But you know what I mean.   

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  1. No, "outfit" is a word. But I know the feeling of having a word just look weird. (Believe me, my Guilford authors present me with this on a daily basis.)

    And as a cane user of the next generation (I still take one on long hauls, although my partial knee replacement of two years ago has been a great success), I appreciate your advice. My own collection of canes is a rather motley assortment gleaned from various thrift stores, although my in-house carpenter can readily shorten the wooden ones to size on his table saw.