Sunday, April 27, 2014

Toujours Gai

Some of you may remember the willow tree that fell on the house last year.  I didn't have the heart to remove the whole tree -- it's right outside the office window and makes a great refuge when a hawk zooms into the bird feeders. 

So I had them leave the biggest stump in the county, and behold -- this spring it's right in there, keeping calm and carrying on. I sort of identify with that tree, and I keep thinking of Archie's friend Mehitibel the Cat, who sings 

Cheerio my Deario --

If you'd like to hear Eartha Kitt singing Mehitibel's song, here's the youtube link:
                                   TOUJOURS GAI


  1. But it's Carol Channing that we have on our old vinyl recording! Tours gai, bien sur! CMS

  2. p.s. I think you should do a blog on these captcha thingies that we have to decipher to comment - I usually have to go through about 6 of them before there is one I can read!

  3. I'll look for Carol Channing on Youtube. But as for "these captcha thingies" -- what are they ... ??

  4. "Captcha" is a system for evaluating internet responses. Before your comment is published, you are required to interpret a little picture that has numbers and/or letters that are disguised in mysterious ways. You have to type those characters into a box to prove you are not a robot. I am sure that a robot would be much better able to figure these things than I am! Have you never encountered a Captcha? (CMS)