Thursday, November 20, 2014

Edith and the Perfectly Fine, Warm and Toasty Copacetic Week

Sorry, keep forgetting to give you an update.  This is a much better week.  Both cars are  now in running order (okay, the one outside is encased in ice, but if it ever thaws I believe it'll work just fine.)   I'm wearing two perfectly good hearing aids.  I have not had a stroke.  We did not get all that snow, just a pretty coating.   I looked at my face in the mirror and wondered why on earth I thought a few new blemishes would even be noticed in among all the rest of the wear and tear.  (No illustration available.) 
Everything is copacetic.  If you're too young for that word,  you can look it up.  Wikipedia lists five possible etymologies, "all of which lack supporting evidence."  But it describes this week.
North Americaninformal
adjective: copacetic; adjective: copasetic
  1. in excellent order.


  1. Lisa has been keeping me updated on the Rochester east side weather, so I know (and am very glad) you haven't been buried in snow. (No real snow here in Syracuse either, and we're hoping it stays that way through Thanksgiving weekend.) Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your incoming kin!

  2. Funny, I always assumed it was Yiddish. As I do most unusual words which are somewhat familiar to me. Everything copacetic here too. CMS