Sunday, November 2, 2014

Something to Look Forward to

You may want to calculate your own life expectancy, as I just did, on this web site.  I don't remember now where I found the address, but it must have been somewhere reliable. has evidently been discussed in a number of places I see regularly, including CNN, ABC news, USAToday and the like.  It uses the latest studies to predict one's probable lifespan.
I answered 40 questions, and it was clear the answers had relevance to life expectancy:  they asked of course about cigarette and alcohol use, but then also probed family health records, diet, exercise, stress levels, work load and the like. 

You may recall that I started this blog, 86andholding, more than two years ago.  Now I'm in my PIANO year (think about it.) So I'm eager to share with you the good news I just received from this computerized state-of-the-art analysis:


  1. fascinating. they said i would live until 88.

  2. I recently went onto a similar site (developed by researchers at the University of Tromso in Norway) purporting to reveal your "body age" on the basis of similar questions. According to the Norwegians, I've got the body of a 51-year-old. Not bad, considering that I'm actually 59. (Of course, I'd rather have the body I had when I was 22, but we can't have our druthers in that respect.)

    Also, I just went over to the site you mentioned and answered its questions, and I'm allegedly going to live to be 96. Dunno how I feel about that, given the IRCC's most recent report on climate change by 2050.