Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank you Ma'am.

Amy reports that, yellow being the suffragette's color,  she took a yellow rose to Susan B. Anthony's grave this morning.  People had already been there, leaving two pots of roses, a stone with a ribbon on it, 27 assorted pebbles, and -- as we did last year at this time -- an I VOTED TODAY sticker.


  1. I'm afraid that it didn't do a whole lot of good. : ( Well, at least it looks like Louise Slaughter avoided the slaughter? CMS

  2. I agree with CMS re: the election results. (My notorious House of Reps "swing district" swung back to the red side last night.) But if we voted, we tried. And the ghost of my 9th grade civics teacher would come back to haunt me if I hadn't voted!

  3. I'm afraid the Election Cake I baked later in the day was also something of a disappointment. Less sweet than I'd hoped.

    1. Hi, Amy. Most of the Election Cake recipes I've seen call for bourbon, brandy, or other potent potables--so even if your cake wasn't sweet, I hope it was "uplifting"!