Friday, December 19, 2014

Exciting Adventure!

My winter coat had a loose button this morning, and it needed tightening.  It needed mending -- and that's when I realized it's been a great many years since I've even sewed on a button.  The process was downright exciting, opening that jumbled drawer with all those spools of thread, and the cute little scissors, and yes, a thimble.  Even a pincushion.  If you'd asked me, did I own a pincushion, I wouldn't have known.  But I do, I do!
Hard to believe, but long ago I used all that stuff -- to sew merit badges on boy scout sashes, to hem something we bought one size too big so (s)he could grow into it.  The whole exercise triggered a trip into the way way past.  Today I wasn't sure I'd be able to thread the needle, but I did! I could!
I still can!

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  1. I enjoyed your foray into the sewing drawer, for several reasons:

    (1) I inherited a several-lifetimes supply of thread and notions from my mother-in-law, who was a professional seamstress (she did alterations for several upscale boutiques in the Cleveland suburbs). I've given a lot of stuff away but still have more buttons and thread than I'll ever use. (And notions are worth something these days. Go into any Jo-Ann Fabrics store, check the prices on a few things, and prepare for sticker shock!)

    (2) I'm starting to have trouble threading a needle these days, which is why I've given away so much of my MIL's stuff. For anything more complicated than anchoring a button or fixing a small rip, I now rely on my neighbor across the street (who, fortunately, is happy to do it). I rejoice with you that your vision is so good at 88!