Friday, December 5, 2014

L'Avant-Midi d'Une Old Lady

Wake early as usual, turn off security system and bring in newspaper – for what it’s worth.  It weighs four ounces these days.

Not-quite-breakfast: apple and a chunk of cheese. 

Back to bed, read paper.

Turn on bedroom tv and the movie is the Romeo and Juliet that Zefferelli made in the 1960s.


Immediate memory of Dottie, BF (we bought houses next door to each other) but sadly, not F.  They saw that movie before we did, and I can still remember her report:

“The theatre was full of 14-year-old girls and they were all crying.  I was crying too and hoping that somehow it would have a different ending this time.”

Roger Tory Peterson signed our bird books!


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  1. Two comments on this one:

    (1) My on-again, off-again boyfriend for about 10 years (1968 to 1978) was obsessed with the Zefferelli R&J. I definitely suffered by comparison with the lovely Olivia Hussey.

    (2) Funny you should mention RTP, as I've just been reading (and hugely enjoying) the copy of Wild America you gave me in one of your recent book cleanouts. And I also visited the RTP Institute in Jamestown over my Thanksgiving weekend. Well worth a trip, if you haven't been there and can find a way to go. What a thrill for you and Dottie to have gotten his autograph!