Thursday, December 11, 2014


Not a post -- just an update.  Definitely snowbound.  But I don't need to go anywhere anyhow, and for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of birds that just stopped at the feeders by my desk window.   


  1. Very handsome boids! (And both, incidentally, are feathered proof that various species are moving north. Cardinals weren't seen in the Northeast before the 1960s, I'm told, and I didn't have red-bellied woodpeckers at my feeders until a couple of years ago.)

    The big excitement in my yard today was an immature red-tailed hawk, which alighted twice in the black walnut tree outside my office window. The second time, it was accompanied by three crows, which soon pestered it into flying off. The crows hung around for a while, cawing in triumph.

  2. Woodpecker is stunning!! Have you someone to call to shovel out your car and driveway as necessary? If not I'd suggest calling Butch for a recommendation. Some teenager would be delighted to get some pocket change. Or come to think of it, Aaron might be able to give you a recommendation.