Tuesday, December 9, 2014

So We Need Help

So I start reading this review of "So We Read On" and then I decide to save it instead -- it'll be more interesting if I read the book first. 

So I get the book from the library, start to read it and then decide to save it instead -- it'll be more interesting if I go back and re-read "The Great Gatsby" first.
But it seems there's no longer a copy of Gatsby in this house, so I find it on the Internet.  The University in Adelaide opines that it's no longer copyrighted in Australia, https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/f/fitzgerald/f_scott/gatsby/chapter1.htmland and their screen is most attractive.
But my back hurts sitting at the desk.  It'd be great to finish the remaining chapters lying down. 
So I dig out the Kindle I haven't opened in a year or two.  But I've forgotten how to download onto the Kindle. 
I already have the novel on my desk computer...or am I just signing on to that web site when I read?  How do I get the novel on to the Kindle? 
Someone's attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. 
Then I could go back and read the library book. Then I could go back and read the review. 
          Which is where we started. 
          Thanking you in advance, 
                               I remain.


  1. To get the book onto the Kindle, you have download directly from Amazon's store. You can access their store directly on the Kindle itself, which is either WiFi or cell phone connected to the internet.

  2. So, we're all waiting to find out...... Did you manage to get the book onto the Kindle? Hope so. Happy reading. Gatsby is one of Miriam's favourite books. CMS