Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Backyard Mystery

It's painfully bright sunshine out there -- why do these pictures come out so gloomy blue?  But anyhow, here's the question:
What made this weird stuff in the snow?  It doesn't seem to track off anywhere, so I'd guess it wasn't the deer.
I'll include a closeup -- best I can get with this vintage camera and through the window -- to assist in your speculations.
(and no, I don't think it's plops of snow fallen from the trees --  most of these are out in the open.) 


  1. Could it be plops of snow that have fallen off of tree branches? I can't see if there are branches over the spots where the plops are. CMS

  2. Something under the snow, a burrowing rabbit or mole?

  3. Wierd indeed. Do you remember seeing something like this before? Has the weather been consistently cold? When did they first 'appear'?

  4. Aliens. Doubtless, aliens.

    1. I second the motion for aliens.--More seriously, they look to me like much bigger versions of the tunnels that mice, voles, etc., dig in the snow in my yard. Can't imagine what critter would have left trails that size, though.

  5. But how would they get there without leaving tracks in?

  6. I suspect there are tracks out there, from the woods behind, that you cannot see

  7. Well, I'm using binoculars and I'm pretty sure there are no tracks leading in or out. With the binox, btw, I get marvelous twinkling crystal sparkles in today's sun, but they don't show when I try to take a picture.