Friday, January 16, 2015

One In Twenty

How come? -- lately there's something I need to share with you about almost every day, while other times a week can go by -- at an rate, here's an article from this morning's USAToday.  You're supposed to read it and object to the fact that all the nominees are white, but for someone my age -- well, I'd got only that far at the seniors lunch today when the woman next to me interrupted:
"I know what you're going to say.  You didn't recognize one of those faces, right?"
And she went on to say "Whenever I pick up People magazine" -- and there she hastened to add the usual apology "at the doctor's waiting room" -- "I don't know one of the celebrities they're talking about." 
So we had a good table discussion about the old black-and-white movies on TCM, agreed that we don't just recognize Clark Gable, but also know lesser actors -- that was Franchot Tone, wasn't it?  and Lew Ayres?   
Reading the newspaper's fine print this morning, I discovered that the witch in the lower right corner is Meryl Streep -- but she's such a chameleon that doesn't count.  And full disclosure:  I did recognize one of the 20 actors shown here -- Julianne Moore, who is in Still Alice.  That was one good book; I'll need the captions, so I hope the movie comes available on a Netflix CD pretty soon.

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  1. Excellent post! Thank you Edith. I so enjoy your blogs. I am 70..I I can relate to your thoughts.
    Cheers to you!