Sunday, January 25, 2015

Suspense is Building

Only 24 hours to wait, folks!  So far in my career as Citizen Scientist I've sat in a dark booth with my hair full of gunky electric stuff, looking at what seemed like hours' worth of dumb pictures -- and boy did I need a shampoo when that one was over!
Couldn't find a picture that included the penny.
I've memorized the words Apple, Table and Penny, so I could recite them back when asked ten minutes later -- and I still can today.  When this bit comes up in another study, I have to  suggest the interviewer pick three other words -- last time, I remember, it included a  quarter.  Do you suppose there's always a coin involved?
I've identified the pictures on flash cards.
I've been injected with who knows what (and it turned out to be with nothing; I was in the control group.)
I've fasted so They could take blood (after which I was given a coupon for breakfast and sent down to the Cafeteria; that was nice)
and lots more, but nothing in my career has prepared me for tomorrow's session with the supermarket chain's Survey Service Company and the scheduled session on Orange Juice.  So far they've sent two emails, three phone calls  and two snail-mailings about it.

I'm so excited !!!  What's Gonna Happen???   Don't touch that dial !!!

  P. S.  I re-open this bulletin to share with you -- just looked at their latest mailing, the one with the map and instructions.  Bring reading glasses (that last in bold face), photo identification, re-check name and address for spelling and/or numerical errors immediately "as this will match all documents used for this study."  (See -- it's not just a taste test; it's a Study.)  But what I wanted to tell you is the names of the conference rooms where a hostess will be waiting when I emerge from the elevator -- the Burgundy and Champagne rooms.          
              Hey, what do you suppose are the chances I'll be judging Mimosas?!  


  1. LOL..Love your enthusiasm! I'll be waiting with baited breath for your report!

  2. Nothing like a Mimosa to start the day! Happy adventures - we look forward to the report. CMS

  3. It certainly sounds like a lot more fun than the Alzheimer's study. Keep us posted!

  4. Have a great time and tell us about it.