Thursday, January 1, 2015


For some reason I couldn't find the "comment" icon, and I needed to correct that last post.   Finally did find an "edit" button.  Freddie's father isn't the Duke of Kent, he's the Duke's younger brother Prince Michael.  Correspondent points out that a first cousin of the Queen's seems a bit old to have a son playing soccer with my honorary grandson Ben, but there it is.   Freddie's mother is the one known in some circles as Princess Pushy.

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  1. To help your correspondent out: There's a considerable spread in age between the Queen and her Kent cousins. The present Duke of Kent was born in 1935, so he's 9 years younger than the Queen; his sister, Princess Alexandra, was born on Christmas Day 1936 ("the only nice thing that has happened this year," snorted the much-tried dowager Queen Mary, a few weeks after Edward VIII's abdication); and Prince Michael was born in 1942, shortly before his father (George VI's younger brother) was killed in a plane crash. And Prince Michael didn't get around to marrying Princess Pushy and having children till his late 30s. So that's why Prince Michael's son is practically the same age as the Queen's elder grandchildren (and Edith's honorary grandson).