Sunday, April 17, 2016

To Serve You Better

This just in from the newspaper that carried Norman Lank's obituary, but never mind that part.  Once again, we see the truth of the advice -- when you hear the words "To serve you better..."  WATCH OUT!


  1. I got the same feeling of dread everytime my employer announced that they are making "improvements" to our health plan.

  2. The Journal Sentinel is also starting to serve us better. Gannett bought it last week and this morning we had the first 1A article from USA TODAY (all caps.)

  3. And if the Syracuse Media Group (what's left of the Post-Standard, plus tries to serve us any better, I may cancel my subscription altogether. I only keep it now for the garage sale ads, the local event listings, and the paper's value as tinder for the fireplace. I get your column (unbutchered by local "content needs") through the ArcaMax online service.