Friday, April 29, 2016

Two flickers!  I just saw two flickers! 
For a week or so I've been seeing one, hopping along the back lawn like a robin, looking for ants (?) but now I just saw two at the same time.  Maybe they're nesting  here?

They hop in for a nervous second on the dying willow just outside this window, eyeing all the goodies -- the peanuts, the suet, the sunflower seeds -- but so far they're too jumpy to help themselves. 
I reached for the camera so slowly -- this is my picture! 
It isn't one I googled!  I got a picture of my very own flicker!  Stay tuned!



  1. Delighted for you and your flickers! Here's hoping they nest; do keep us posted! And that's a mighty fine photo of Mrs. F in the final frame.

    In the rare intervals when I dare to lift my eyes from my computer screen these days (the current manuscript is a bad one), I've been enjoying the spring migrants here in Syracuse. The last of the juncos are moving north, and the white-throated sparrows are now moving through my back yard like a mighty wind. Chipping sparrows appeared Wednesday--and yesterday I actually saw a hermit thrush (honest!).

  2. Congratulations, Edith! With the number of treats on offer, your yard should be visited by every variety of bird in the vicinity. The great flocks of Canadian geese here seem to dominate, though I caught sight of a pair of swans a few years ago, extraordinary to see in flight.

    1. I remember seeing swans in flight some years ago -- they looked somehow enchanted, like a fairy tale.