Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Computer Geeks

     On Skype today with my son in Vancouver (I'll never take these miracles for granted) to clean up some mysterious problems that arose in the administration of this blog-- and we finally find -- okay, he finally finds -- the page (the screen?) we're looking for.   
     While he's solving my problems, I spend the time reading the Blogspot manual, or whatever it's called when it's online, and one of the first sentences takes me back to my original computer, a hefty (and expensive) IBM, must have been around 1983.
     That machine was so sophisticated, did  marvelous things I couldn't begin to understand, but when it came to the manual (which I guess you can see up there on the left)-- well, it was clear that the manual, like the computer itself, was probably the work of boys who still had zits, and who
                      couldn't spell.

     More than 30 years later I get the feeling not much has changed -- here's part of a sentence I found today on a really sophisticated page intended for Blogspot administrators:

   ... use the login info for the selected links then type youre blogger identety to edit anything else 


  1. I'm afraid I've edited too many MDs and PhDs who can't write or spell any better than this to be surprised at the Blogspot administrator gem. On the other hand, if they could write and spell, I'd be out of a job.

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