Thursday, June 2, 2016

Exciting Mystery

Okay, I give up on that little squirrel.  It's your standard Red Squirrel and I just never saw one here before.  Also I don't see how they're allowed to call these feeders squirrel-proof. 
Those peanuts are $3.95 a pound in Wegman's.

No question the world has been shrinking -- no more shopping except for groceries (where there are fine shopping carts for support;
people leave them for each other
at the handicap parking spaces), no more concerts, no lectures, no swimming never mind no scuba, no travel -- no leaving town -- etc etc.  So  I get my excitement from the view at this desk chair, all day.  You can't really tell from here, but I watch about a full acre of suburban back lawns, with a thin strip of woods behind.
And this morning -- an exciting mystery!!

You can see it for yourself -- I could, the minute I sat down here.  Directly up from that square suet feeder, right below the overhang --  here, I'll give you a closeup.
Now where on earth did that ribbon come from?  How did it get looped up in the stump of the old willow? 
 That's the tree that I had them amputate a few years ago when some of it fell on this office -- see earlier blogs.  And come to think of it, was it only a few years ago that I was able to walk way out back and take pictures?
 Well, you take your excitement where you can find it!

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