Saturday, June 4, 2016

Need Something to Do

There's not a thing on my calendar today, which feels so luxurious -- no need to watch the clock, worry about missing an appointment or showing up for something on the wrong day.  After a nicely balanced breakfast, I put up some eggs to hard-boil, and came out to the computer -- without getting dressed! -- to check email and play Freecell.   I was trying for a perfect record to show you (but you can see I lost it on the fourth round) and idly thinking about what Mother said years ago, and how my neighbor at the seniors lunch said the exact same thing  "Lately I can only do one thing a day." 
I mentally checked off the few things I do these days -- no laundry needed yet, groceries holding out, bird feeders filled, column sent off up to date. I was thinking it probably isn't good for me not to have at least one thing to do and -- wait a minute!  what's that smell? 
Long-time readers of this blog already know what it is.  I don't think I've told you about every occurance, but it happens at least once a year. 
"But didn't you attach a timer to your rollator?"
"Yes, but then I have to remember to set the timer."
And I can't really afford to throw out any more pots -- this time I'll have to scrub.
It's the bits on the floor that pose the most problem -- no way I can bend down to use a dustpan.  Vacuum is out of the question.  Will they carpet-sweep up or are they too sticky?  And the cleaning lady won't be here till Tuesday. 

This last bit is way out in the front hall -- that's the livingroom carpet on the right.  This, at least, I can pick up with the grabber.

 Rather than face the problem, I took the pictures and came out here to tell you about it.  Still not dressed.  Have a nice day!


  1. OK. Sometimes, technology does offer a better way:$uslarge$ I'm not ready for one of these yet, but soon. Ever since I burned water by letting a tea kettle sit too long on the stove (the metal pot was ruined, but it was the smell of the burning plastic handle that was the worst and required a tong to remove it from house), I use an electric water boiler.

  2. I suggested she simply buy hard boiled eggs which one can do at grocery stores these days.

  3. I suggested she simply buy hard boiled eggs which one can do at grocery stores these days.