Monday, June 6, 2016

My Academic Career

Back in the 1980s I taught real estate licensing in night school, for the Continuing Education Department at St. John Fisher College.  Maybe I was an adjunct lecturer -- or are there adjunct instructors?
So anyhow, last Saturday the mail carrier delivered this package and I opened it without stopping to read the label --
 Who is Deborah Vanderbilt, and does she need Academic Writing for Students in a hurry (it's hard for me to go to the post office), and after 30 years where did the publisher get my address, and why is the zip code wrong, and if they're going to send me free books, why not something interesting?


  1. Pretty odd indeed, after all these years. Those computer databases live forwever...

  2. You might try emailing her:

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  4. Faculty Detail

    Deborah VanderBilt

    Title: Professor
    Office: Basil 109
    Phone: (585) 385-8193
    Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
    Deborah VanderBilt
    Has made medieval studies exciting to students with courses like “Early English Outlaws” and “The Arthurian Legend.” A scholar of oral tradition, she also teaches Old English and the history of the language. Won Fisher’s “Teaching Excellence Award” in 1999.

    Maybe Amy could deliver it?

  5. So anyhow, she came over and picked it up. Mystery remains -- neither of us had ever heard of that publisher before.