Thursday, November 1, 2012

User-Hostile and Out-Sourced Fibbing

Message on the screen this morning from AVG said security program is expiring, click BUY NOW.  Took precautions (Practice Safe Computing).  Clicked.  No problem sending payment, extremely user-friendly.
Then it turned extremely user-hostile while activating, registering, downloading -- whatever was supposed to happen next.  I phoned a cordial woman in India, whom I could actually understand (since this impaired hearing business, the slightest accent usually throws me, can’t listen to the BBC at all these days.)
She said she'd transfer me to “a technician” and a question appeared on my screen --could he(?) take  control of my computer?
“Yes, certainly!”   At that point I would have been happy to give it to him altogether.
 “Okay,” he typed.  “I will do.”
And he did.  Talk about a weird sensation! – to sit here and watch my cursor dancing around the screen all by itself, hitting the right buttons, efficiently downloading, installing, giving the right answer to all those questions. From half a world away it even told a lie for me, without any hesitation clicking that I had carefully read and accepted the Legal Agreement and Terms of Service.
Intercontinental lying – what a world we live in!

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