Friday, August 9, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

     Edith Lank will answer personally any question sent with an SASE to 240 Hemingway Drive, Rochester NY 14620.” 
That’s the way the footer ran at the end of my syndicated column back in 1975.  SASE was understood by everyone back then as denoting a Self-Addressed Stamped (return) Envelope.
     Then some time in the 1980s, I added “or”  These days the kids just chuckle and tell me AOL is so last-century, but back then offering an e-mail address was super-modern and my pioneering innovation was featured in a national magazine.
     More recently, the footer has simply read “will answer personally any question sent to”   According to the young friend who set it up, Google credits me two cents every time anyone clicks on that web site.  Last year I received a check for $200 and if 10,000 more people ever click on it again I’ll receive another check.  Pretty exciting, but a clear case of “better not quit your day job.”
     So what I’m leading up to –
      After I started this blog, which is supposedly aimed at Old Persons, I discovered that most of the responses come from what I consider Young Persons.  Clearly there’s still a cohort out there that isn’t on computers.  So I added my snail-mail address to the column just a month ago and behold -- the postman is leaving real letters, just as in the old days.  And these are from people who know enough to enclose the SASE even though it isn’t mentioned. 

     AND they don’t print either.  It’s real handwriting!

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