Friday, August 30, 2013

Farewell to Shirley

On Fridays our newspaper lists the week’s births and “passings” on facing pages, and if one name fell off the page, I’d have no trouble knowing which side it tumbled from. Today’s list of new babies starts with  Laneaea, Kellen, Adley Cole, Justyce Jaelle, Keigan Aubriella, Chastang Delimar Analis, and Maddox .  On the opposite page, meanwhile, the first deaths listed are those of Mary, Shirley, Robert, Sally, Paul, Thomas and yet another Shirley.
I’m concerned for the first-grade teacher calling the roll six years from now, struggling with Brielle, Marquis, Naemo, and Mikaylee.  Well, actually that last doesn’t pose much of a pronunciation problem.  But I like to try on babies’ names to see if they’ll work for Supreme Court justices (always thought Sandra an aberration) and some of today’s really leave me worried.
Then I remember Condaleezza Rice and I feel better.

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