Saturday, August 3, 2013

Topic for Research

     So lately  I've had family in from all over, comings and goings with more scheduled all through August, though I find that in my old age I don't seem to spend much effort keeping track of the schedules or what everybody's doing.  I just show up to pick up, at the airport or the train station (nobody seems to be coming in by bus.)  I just keep washing the sheets and towels, failing to feed people the way I did years ago, and enjoying the company and the nightly back-yard fireworks. 
Sort of Illegal

     I mention this here because I've discovered an interesting bit -- while people are in the house I don't feel any urge to share things with you on the blog.
     Here's a fine topic for some grad student.  What percent of bloggers live alone, compared with how many live alone in the general population?  Or maybe it would have to be controlled for age, sex, income, education  and all that other stuff?  Not sure how it would work -- but anyhow, have there been any studies?  Does someone want to write for a grant?

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