Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tsk tsk

About the only time I regret living alone (except when the bird feeders need filling) is when I hit what my son Avi calls a "Hey Doris!" moment -- and there's no one to say "look at this!" to.  I forget what the 10th-grade teacher called it, but isn't there something wrong with the first sentence in this e-mail just received?  and from an organization that deals in the written word!
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Sorry for the delay!
As a valued member of the Democrat and Chronicle, we wanted to let you know that the delivery of today's newspaper may be delayed. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.



  1. hmmmmm I must confess I see nothing amiss unless it is the fact that a person sort of can't really be a member of the D&C. Ah, no I get it now. Better would be, We wanted to let you, a valued member of the D&C family, know that the delivery of today's newspaper may be delayed. hmmmmm. that's not right either. grrrrrr

  2. To get all grammar-geeky on you, I'd call the "As a valued member..." intro a misplaced modifier. It's supposed to modify "you," not "we." And I think Georgina's point that "a person...can't really be a member of the D&C" is also well taken. I suppose the message is better than "Yo, lady, your paper's gonna be late!"--but not by much.

    And to go off topic a bit, I must confess that the "D&C" abbreviation for the Rochester newspaper has always bothered me. (Little too far into OB/GYN territory for my taste.)

  3. Just be glad that they were doing it "To serve you better"!