Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mystery Slab

A friend asked why posts have been scanty recently -- I must confess it's gratifying that someone noticed -- and as you might have guessed, The Family was visiting from out-of-town (out-of-the-state, out-of-the-country.)  Working my way through the leftovers, and having received no response after an appeal to my recent visitors, I throw this open to all and sundry -
It's somewhat crumbly, and to my surprise a bit nipped off tastes of ginger, but no gingerbread was involved in the recent festivities, and anyhow this does not have the texture of baked goods.  Clearly it was cut with a knife there -- off a larger something...
What's interesting is that I don't seem able to eat it until I know what one is supposed to do  -- does it call for a glass of milk?  does one use a knife and fork?  should it be warmed up? grilled?  is it appropriate for breakfast?  is it a dessert?  should it be ingested in small amounts?  crumbled over ice cream?  is it safe after it's thawed?  If that dark bit isn't a raisin, what could it be?
I don't seem able to simply relax and take it on its own, somehow. 
Clearly, we've become too civilized.

*btw, that face peeping out of the corner in the first picture is, appropriately enough, Samuel Pepys -- I made the mistake of putting the Slab on my desk to take the picture, and Sam's portrait is on my mouse pad.


  1. Stories Jules Verne never wrote: "20,000 Leagues Into the Freezer." I think we could use him on this one. It does look like some kind of coffee cake/dessert, but I'm as nonplussed as you are. Please keep me posted.

  2. i think this is the indian pudding that you yourself cut off a hunk off and put in the freezer. i say that because i can see the raisin in there..

  3. I was going to suggest kugel. Or a blondie. But Indian pudding sounds right....

  4. Hadn't thought of Indian pudding, but it could definitely be. If so, lucky you! Otherwise I'm thinking (because it looks dense) some kind of baked good bar. It may not need to be warmed up, but how could it hurt? As for safety, as one who has a lot of experience freezing garden produce, I have learned from Cooperative Extension friends that once something that is not already spoiled is safely frozen, it will be safe indefinitely as far as bacteria, but can go bad in the sense of freezer burn or loss of flavor or texture. So try it, and see if you like it. As for the dark spot, probably raisin, but possibly a melted chocolate chip. I'd hope for the latter.