Monday, August 8, 2016

Mystery Solved

You may wonder what Fanueil Hall in Boston has to do with that mystery slab, but long ago, a restaurant in there was the first place I ever ate Indian Pudding.  And that's what Anna reminds me she made when she was here a couple of weeks ago.  Now of course I do remember.  It was great.  Tasted authentic.
We can blame the whole foo-fa-rah on small vessel ischemic cerebral atrophy, which is that white stuff on the outside of my brain that showed up on the hospital's MRI last month -- a great excuse for everything these days.  And not worth fretting about.  

 I think Anna ended up using an Internet recipe, but I know she did consult the cookbook she and Monica put together years ago.   When my sister Esther died, so many people wanted Esty's  index-card  recipes that we ended up -- in those primitive analog days --  at Kinkos. 
The epigraph below is from the Pilgrim's Hymn we always sang at Thanksgiving -- still do, if it comes to that, but for the last 20 years without Esty.



  1. Just used that cookbook for the kedgeree recipe! Come to think of it, I use it more than any of the others.

  2. Love the picture of Esty! And thanks for the recipe. I first had Indian pudding at a restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and fell in love with it. Since I won't be making it back to Portsmouth in the near future, I may try to make it on my own. Take care!
    Gail L

  3. Nice to see you here, Gail! Indeed, as mom says, I used another recipe -- except regular molasses and not blackstrap. and didnt make the apples. (as an anonymous person suggested that this recipe of Esty's unlike all the others, is not quite up to snuff. All the other recipes in that book that I have made are just swell!)