Monday, August 22, 2016

Stag Party

The damn stag is still out there.  Plenty of leisure for taking
pictures.  I'll start by showing you where he's standing -- using no zoom, this is my desk.  The green thingie hanging out there is a bird feeder just filled by the cleaning lady -- I'm afraid of falling now so I wait for her to do it.  Okay, you're oriented, right.  Now, for your viewing pleasure, the kind of thing my uninvited guest has been indulging in for half an hour now,  
stopping every now and then to give me an challenging stare as he takes a chewing break.  Maybe deer chew cud?
The other night I turned on the backyard spotlight and there this guy was in the dark -- but I was still blaming that horde of sparrows for emptying the feeder.
Of course it's always comforting to know that other people have worse problems (what's that word?  schadenfreude or something?  yes, I know, I could look it up.)  Here, for instance, is the photo my kids Dov and Connie received last week from their housesitter back in Vancouver -- look what's been getting at their bird feeders!

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  1. Several remarks:

    (1) I see that your deer, like mine, are so desperate this summer that they're now hanging around 24/7. Even with seven (!) motion-activated sprinklers trained on my garden beds, I've still had some losses to the deer.

    (2) Yes, deer chew cud, but I think the chewing you're seeing is just Bambi stopping to chew and gulp down your bird seed before going for the next mouthful. If rumination in deer is anything like it is in llamas, it's kind of a separate event (something they do while they're resting).

    (3) I couldn't get either of the videos to work, but no matter. Bambi's baleful glare came through loud and clear on the still photo.

    (4) And, yes, Dov and Connie definitely have bigger game than either of us do! Looks as if bearproofing the garbage can will be on their agenda once they return home.