Thursday, May 8, 2014

22" Computer

I’m asking you for help with the first note there for tomorrow, Friday, May 9.  Above the eye appointment, to the right of the haircut and the cleaning woman, the 9 not yet scratched out (that helps me remember what week we’re in, never mind what day).
                22” computer.
What can it possibly mean?  Why on earth is it there, and in my handwriting too?


  1. Sorry...that is a mystery to me!

  2. Here's what I tell myself on the increasingly frequent occasions when such things happen: "Dang, Marie, you've been [insert appropriate verb here] on autopilot again."

  3. Maybe you were thinking of buying a 22" computer monitor.

    1. No way -- I'm so happy with my present screen that my son jury-rigged my new computer so I could use the old monitor. And if we knew why 22 inches, that still leaves the mystery of why today?

  4. Perhaps it means only 22 minutes of computer time for you today, young lady ;-) -- Nan

  5. I have no idea... but if it helps I find notes I've written to myself constantly and I usually only understand about 50% of them. I think we overestimate what we'll remember in our brains... I know I do.