Sunday, May 4, 2014

Road to Romance

Spring catalogs are flooding the mailbox, and the young ladies in the one that arrived yesterday are cheerful as can be, not only because they’re wearing these perky new items,  but also because they’re engaged!  They’re all engaged!  They're all posed to show you that left hand!  And as it happens, they’re all engaged with the same ring! 
Here’s a closeup – you’ll notice it’s a bit loose on our cover girl.  Looks like the photographer carries a generous size to make sure it’ll slip over the appropriate finger of every model at the shoot.  The message is subliminal, but hey --   every little bit helps.   



  1. Gorblimey, I never noticed that ring thing in the catalogs. But then, someone had the impertinence to slip a wedding ring on Jane Austen's finger in one of those Victorian prettifications of Cassandra's portrait--so there's precedent for it.

  2. I just found your blog from Anna, in a post she made on facebook. I am now an official fan and will be following your blog.
    cheers, Liza

  3. Good spotting Edith! (CMS)