Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fine Sunday Morning

Flash floods all around here this week, Erie Canal over its banks, people evacuated, schools closed, roads closed.  Nothing about it on national TV; California hogs the headlines just because it’s going up in flames. But this morning, though
everything’s wet outside, the rain finally stopped and the sun is shining.

Up for breakfast, looked out the kitchen window, and there were all these people running up our suburban street. I’d forgotten about the Lilac 10K.  Do I have a vague memory of some of my kids out front one year, offering paper cups of water? 
I suspect it was too late to catch the pack of fast runners.  By the time I finished a well-balanced breakfast (frozen biscuit warm from the oven, scrambled egg, real orange juice) some were pushing strollers, some runners were walking, and some -- maybe  you can make them out -- were carrying their kids.
So I went back to bed,  where “Tootsie” was showing on the bedroom tv.  Good movie. 

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