Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Loco Parentis p. s.

      I don't know about you, but on my screen comments don't come up automatically.  So I'll bring you up to date on an exchange about yesterday's post.  A. Marie, who evidently took a good look at that list of dorm rules my roommate and I had broken in the course of one month, asks what a proctor was -- the list says we "entertained while proctoring" -- definitely against the rules.
     Our dorm's front door was locked at 8 pm, and we took stints serving as evening proctor -- sitting at the front hall desk, unlocking for students and making sure they listed the time when they signed back in.
The proctor answered the wall telephone  in the hall, hit a code on the buzzer, and if no girl came rushing down, made an entry in the message book 
          "Joan-- Ted at 9:10, nm, wcb."
              no message, will call back

No one had a private phone in a dorm room --  wartime shortages lasted for years.  Five years later, when Norm and I bought a house in  Rochester, the best we could get was a party line, and I believe we had to wait in line for that.


  1. Yeah, but I still wanna know, who/what were you entertaining while proctoring???

    1. Georgina, I think she's taking the Fifth Amendment. We may just have to use our imaginations.