Friday, May 30, 2014

Hail Athena

My first great-grandchild came into the world yesterday morning! My son phoned from the hospital, and an email went out right away to the whole family.  We even received a picture of Athena in her grandmother's arms -- surely they didn't allow us that kind of access to a newborn years ago? 

Back when Athena's mother -- our first grandchild -- was born, again we heard by phone, and I kept a log of the excited telephone calls that day -- me to my sister, Norm to his brother, my mother to my aunt, Jeanette to Betty ("how come Jeanette heard first?").  I just tried to find that log so I could take a picture to show you, a long sheet from a yellow legal paid, completely crammed with calls. 

Only this morning did I realize that when I got the news yesterday and the family had been notified with the touch of a single key, it didn't occur to me to spread the news anywhere else.  Norm is gone, my sister is gone (but Athena's middle name is Esther!), Jeanette and Betty are gone. Understand,  I have a wonderful, supportive loving family etc. etc.   But I didn't even notice that I don't have a single friend I need to tell about this little girl.

So anyhow I'm telling you.


  1. Hey, you need to tell us, your devoted public--so thanks a million for telling us! Mazel Tov, and welcome to the world, Athena! (I trust that a copy of the Cozy Classics Pride and Prejudice will be slipped into her cradle, crib, carryall, or whatever as soon as proud Great-Grandma can manage it?)

  2. Hello Edith,
    Mazel Tov!

    -Lisa Brown

  3. Congratulations, mazel tov, huzzah! Welcome to the world little Athena. (My favorite goddess when I first read Greek myths.)
    Aren't newborns amazing? Im always surprised they're born with all their fingers and toes. I feel as if they should start with three, like cartoon critters, and grow more later. --- Meg

  4. I'm reading this late, but I did want to tell you that it both warmed my heart and broke it. I wondered if you are the kind of person who was always more family centered than friend centered, or if this is something that happened over the years.